Aww Shucks

In October 2020, I was cast as the lead in a new TV series from Slippy When Wet Entertainment. We shot the five episode series, called Aww Shucks, over five days in Victoria-by-the-Sea, with an all-Island cast and crew. Aww Shucks is now airing on Bell Fibe TV1!

Watch the trailer:

Aww Shucks tells the story of Steph, mayor of Toronto By The Sea, who tries to bring life back to the tiny village, quieted by the Covid-19 pandemic, by organizing a cooking competition. The winner of the competition takes the keys to the town’s restaurant, and hopefully restores the village to its former glory. While Steph expects superstar chefs to participate in the competition, her rival Harry James has a different plan in mind. A chaotic and unlikely group of chefs descend on the village for a competition with some surprising (and hilarious) results…

Aww Shucks screenshot: Mayor Steph meets with Chief Doctor Ethan inside the firehall to discuss the competition
A screenshot from Aww Shucks featuring Mayor Steph and Chief Doctor Ethan (played by Graham Putnam)

Aww Shucks stars Megan Stewart, Rebecca Parent, Jordan Cameron, Cameron Cassidy, Graham Putnam, and Ryan Doucette. The series also features an all-Island soundtrack that includes music from KINLEY, Gordie MacKeeman, Joce Reyome, Emmet MacLellan, Sirene et Matelot, Jordan Cameron, Arsenal Mills, and the Mi’kmaq Heritage Players. 

Aww Schucks screenshot: Mayor Steph consults her rival Harry James over milkshakes
Mayor Steph consults her rival Harry James, played by Jordan Cameron
Aww Shucks screenshot: Mayor Steph stands with pride at the Toronto by the Sea sign
Small town pride, pandemic be damned!

Learn more about Aww Shucks here.

At the moment, Aww Shucks is only available to Bell Fibe TV1 subscribers, but there will be screenings and other ways to view it in the near future. Keep an eye on the Aww Shucks facebook page for updates.