Back to the Farm

This evening, on 551 Main Street, I pulled a tub of garden romaine out of the fridge. Andrew sauntered in, restless.

“Wanna go jump in the lake?”

Sunset at the end of a good long day. An offer that was hard to refuse. The lettuce went back to the fridge.

The two of us, plus Evan, drove down to the Lake, ran off the diving board and plunged into the warm water. The sun was setting behind the hills, a fisherman was reeling in his line, the crickets were starting up again.

Hello Ashfield, it feels so good to be back here. If I get to swim in the Lake at least five more times before the chill sets in, I will feel like the luckiest.

The interns arrive on Friday. At the present moment, there are nine of us in the house, and that is perfectly cozy. A good number for sharing meals created from our garden harvests, and more practically, for always getting in the bathroom when its needed.

But hey, 15 is a party. And it sure feels good to be surrounded by genuine, creative souls.