Circus of the Failurz

A performance workshop with Brian Riley for Radiant Rural Halls

Welcome to Circus of the Failurz! It’s the beginning of 2022! Thriving? Not really. Living your best life? Seems unlikely. Failing often? Yeah, us too. 

Join Megan and Brian for a performance-making workshop where we celebrate and tear apart and make some art inspired by our collected tiny (and maybe sometimes big) failurz. We’ll smash a bunch of theatre creation practices together – there will be collisions of games, storytelling, movement and music – to build a failure-based circus unlike anything you’ve seen before. Let’s make a shoe  show.

This two-day performance creation workshop, a collaboration between Brian Riley and Megan Stewart, was a curated project for the inaugural edition of Radiant Rural Halls – a festival of rural contemporary art in community halls across Prince Edward Island, March 2022.

Photos by Faraaz Hussain