January Update

It’s January – beginning of a new year and the beginning of my re-entry into the world of non-student life, because my MFA is totally done; thesis submitted, approved, now living within the vast catalogues of the SFU library. (And all I got was a two sentence form-letter congratulations. sigh.)

Things are at a slightly different pace now that I’m not worrying about pulling together a defense presentation or an artist statement or marking 50 essays on performance studies – but I still have lots to occupy me this month.

For starters – I am doing PR work and making old phones talk for a sparkly and squishy new show created by my friends from The Party, XXXX TOPOGRAPHY, which runs January 29-30 at Studio T at SFU Woodwards. Go, and be romanced by talking telephones, vibrating things, pillows that pillow-talk. There’s even a bar!

Building phones for XXXX Topopgraphy

Other things I’m up to include…

Learning Arduino, with the idea that eventually I’ll be able to make old phones talk better, and become more interactive. So far, I’ve made a robot-fan that turns on and off. Small steps…

Reading and being generally inspired by Deborah Pearson’s excellent performance script, The Future Show, which also includes structural guide for writing your own version, should you be so inclined. I might be so inclined.

Planning a month-long trip to Copenhagen, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, for a sweet, sweet friend-vacation with team Sappy. The fun starts February 2. Fingers crossed I meet some sheep.