River Clyde Pageant on CBC Arts

My dear friend from Montreal, Ashley Duong, dropped in on the River Clyde Pageant process this past July to shoot two short documentaries for the CBC Arts’ series The Exhibitionists.

Both videos were released this fall…the first one is about the impetus to create The River Clyde Pageant in the face of increasing environmental degradation, and the necessity of human action to counteract potential outcomes such as whale extinction and the loss of delicate ecosystems.

River Clyde Pageant Co-Director Ker Wells, from the first CBC Arts doc.

The second one is about me, and my shifting attitude towards PEI’s art scene…going from being a teenager who couldn’t wait to get off the Island to live in bigger cities, to realizing how important being from PEI is to my artistic practice. My 17-year-old self didn’t see that coming.

River Clyde Pageant co-director Megan Stewart, from the second CBC Arts doc.